Moving from Switzerland to Poland?

Did you know that when you move from Switzerland to Poland, you can access the bulk of your company pension?

This is because pension rules in Switzerland for those who are leaving the country permanently offer a great deal of flexibility.

If you move to a country within the EU (e.g. Poland), you can take control of 75-80% of your fund with the remainder staying in Switzerland until retirement. If you move to a country outside the EU, you can access 100% of your fund.

The alternative, i.e. leaving the money in Switzerland, means that it will be locked up in an account that may offer little, or no growth.

It is also worth noting that the tax you have to pay when accessing your pension will differ depending on where in Switzerland the scheme is registered.

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Different cantons have different tax rates. Therefore by moving your pension to a scheme in a canton with more favorable conditions first, you can then access it at a much lower rate.