Are you losing part of your paycheck every month?

Do you work for an international company?  Are you paid in that company’s local currency?

For example, your company is based in the Netherlands so they pay your wages in Euros yet your “home” bank account is in the UK.

Alternatively, are you working in a country like Poland where your wages are paid in Polish Zloty while your “home” bank account is again in the UK?

If so, what may be happening currently is that your company’s bank is converting the local currency payment into GBP and then sending it to your British bank account.

In doing so however, they often charge a transfer fee and give you a poor rate of exchange – meaning you receives less in the way of wages.

The solution

Have your employer transfer your wages in their original currency to an account with an online currency exchange. They will then exchange your money to GBP at a much better rate and send it to your bank in the UK – meaning you receive more in your monthly paycheck.