What does a comprehensive financial planning report look like?

Have you ever wondered what proper financial planning looks like?

For many, the experience of financial planning simply involves the sale of a financial product and not much else.

However, if done properly, financial planning can involves so much more.

Below is a list of some of the things that you could expect to find in a proper financial planning report.

  • Review and prioritisation of your goals and objectives
  • A summary of your current financial situation, including a net worth statement and income/expenditure analysis
  • Analysis of current insurance provision
  • A review of your current investment portfolio, including risk/diversification analysis and a deep dive into the costs that are being incurred
  • Development of a suitable asset management strategy
  • Analysis of pension arrangements. Both private and employer (current and previous employer)
  • Overseas property purchase considerations
  • Analysis of leverage opportunities. E.g. mortgage optimisation
  • Completing a retirement planning assessment, including financial projections of assets required at estimated retirement date
  • Identifying tax planning strategies to optimise your financial position
  • Full cash flow modelling using specialist financial planning software
  • Cross border tax-planning and implications of your home country and your current country
  • Estate and inheritance planning
  • Legacy and trust planning

Does that sound different from what you have seen in the past?

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