Some thoughts for International Women’s Day…

Did you know that women typically live longer than men? The difference in life expectancy is almost 4 years in the UK.

In addition, women are much more likely to live alone when they are older. Statistics show that only 18% of women age 85 or older are still married while 58% of men over age 85 still have a partner who is living. Continue reading “Some thoughts for International Women’s Day…”

Financial planning update – November 2018

Stock market jitters continue

The stock market jitters that began in October have continued throughout this month.

US markets are now down 8-9% over the last two months, while European markets have lost 6-7% over the same time period and in the UK, the FTSE has dropped by a similar amount. Continue reading “Financial planning update – November 2018”

How the latest UK stamp duty plans impact expats

Theresa May recently announced plans to introduce an additional layer of stamp duty for overseas buyers of UK property.

This is a move that could obviously affect British expats who are looking to buy a place in the UK; either to rent out or as a home to live in on their return. Continue reading “How the latest UK stamp duty plans impact expats”