Expat life insurance options in Poland

As an expat, there are a number of reasons why you may be looking for life insurance.

It could be that your previous policy has come to the end of it’s term. Or it may be that you have found out that your old policy does not cover you now that you are living overseas. You may have had a “life event”, e.g. marriage or birth of a child. Or you may be looking to use it as a way to mitigate an inheritance tax liability.

Whatever the reason, you need to know the options open to you. Continue reading “Expat life insurance options in Poland”

NHS entitlement for UK expats in Poland

The first thing to know about NHS treatment is that it is based on where you are resident, not where you were born.

Therefore, if you are resident in Poland and need to use the NHS while visiting England, then you may still need to pay, even if you were born in England, lived there in the past or continue to make voluntary National Insurance Contributions. Continue reading “NHS entitlement for UK expats in Poland”